TerraCarta has developed 3D concrete scanner!

Together with Interboor Midsland and B+BTec, TerraCarta is performing checks and scans on the ceilings of a government building in The Hague in order to locate cables, wiring, reinforcement and heating pipes. Interboor Midsland and B+BTec will then reinforce certain floors of the government building on site, using their patented method.


Central Government Real Estate Agency launched this programme after the collapse of the multistorey car park at Eindhoven Airport. For this project, TerraCarta employees would have to work above their heads to scan the ceiling. Since this project involves many floors in a large office building and it is physically very demanding work for TerraCarta employees, it was decided to develop a “concrete scanning robot”. The measuring data are collected, uploaded and interpreted by the in-house developed robot, which then projects the results on the ceiling immediately.

This has led to one-of-a-kind hardware that allows for fast and continuous quality scanning with almost no physical effort for the employee.