Using GPR during soil research

A Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is one of the techniques TerraCarta uses during surveys. There are different applications possible with a GPR: Utilities can be detected and mapped, but mapping layer structures of the soil is also possible. The GPR uses signal waves for this. A large benefit of this is the continuity of the GPR signal, making it suitable to do surveys up to great depths with one of these radars.

What is a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)?

A GPR is an important surveying tool for investigating the underground. A GPR is a geophysical surveying tool that sends and receives a signal. Based on that, it generates a graphic profile of the underground situation which is continuous, which other methods can not do. Deviations of the ground are clearly visible in these graphic profiles.


Soil research with GPR

Depending on the type of soil, a GPR can be used up to tens of meters of depth for soil research. In The Netherlands, the soils is often highly conductive, which limits the GPR to only several meters of depth. However, for most of the applications in the civil engineering and construction sector this is enough.

TerraCarta has been working with GPR since 1995. Because of that, we built a vast experience and knowledge in a variety of work fields. When conducting a GPR survey, we do not look at just the results, but also the practical application of these findings. The data is surveyed with GPS and archived, which makes it available for different questions and can be accessed whenever needed.

Utility detection

A specific application for GPR is utility detection. We also use other, additional techniques and equipment to correctly deliver our research and services. In our article, GPR “soil scan” or utility investigation? you can read a critical note on the pros and cons of GPR.

TerraCarta has a lot of experience with the diverse set of systems and can advice you in the field of cable detection using GPR.

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