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In order to search and detect underground utilities, you can dig trenches at random; but alternatively there is also a wide arrange of non-destructive detection techniques available. The power of these techniques are not in the actual technique or equipment alone, but rather in the knowledge of the user inside of the area of concern. Combining information is very important, because through combining the results of our detection research with information from existing maps, more insight can be given into the detected results. This renders us able to create a map of the exact position of a utility. Other than that, detection methods can be influenced by local circumstances, so by confirming our results with other information sources, a more trustworthy image can be created of the underground situation. In the article “GPR – ‘soil scan’ or utility investigation?” we carefully explain how we combine these techniques and why this benefits us.


The techniques we apply are:

  • Acoustics;
  • GPR;
  • Land surveying;
  • EML;
  • Probing;
  • Trench digging.

Technique is continuously innovating

A lot of elements in our work field are not yet standardized or there have not been any solutions for them. Because of that, we have developed several concepts of our own. These concepts may originate for example from having to find a solution to a problem we have faced or to work more efficiently. Some examples of these self-developed methods are the ability to put a signal through a pressurized gas pipe, or the use of acoustic techniques. Some of these innovations are:

  • Pressure locks for gas pipes;
  • Physical alterations to GPRs;
  • Specialized software to process GPR data;
  • EML detection systems fitted with GPS antennas;
  • A railroad maintenance truck that has been altered into a surveying truck;
  • Custom high pressure water jets;
  • Pipe resonator;
  • An ATV that can drive on railroad tracks .

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