Doing terrain and land surveys

At almost all construction and excavation activities, land and terrain surveys are of the utmost importance. Not only above ground, but also the underground infrastructure has a big influence on the work process. TerraCarta is specialised in this field; whether it is detecting utilities or other objects underground, but also mapping soil layers that may cause disturbance. Besides all of this, the environmental quality of the soil is very important and TerraCarta can perform research on this as well, thus unburdening clients in many different ways.

Utility detection

An important part of a terrain survey done by TerraCarta is the detection of underground utilities. This is an obligation due to Dutch regulations, but it also saves time and money in projects. If a utility is struck during an (excavating) activity, that will cause delays and increases costs. By hiring TerraCarta to perform a high-quality and trustworthy investigation on the underground utilities, clients are one step ahead of these problems. This way, excavation activities or, for example, HDD (horizontal directional drilling), can be performed safely.


Surveying layer thickness

The thickness of layers in the soil are important in the planning stage and execution stage of various building and digging activities. TerraCarta can investigate layer thicknesses through various detection methods in, for example, civil engineering-, railroad- and road construction. Based on the results of the investigation, we can determine the amount of tarmac that was released during a road reconstruction or the roadbed thickness after a railroad reconstruction. A construction rating based on quality, like determining concrete coverage or geotechnical condition of the underconstruction is also a subject for a layer thickness detection.

In short, there are various situations where layer thickness is important. In these situations, GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) can be a solution. This detection method can be used in places such as:

  • Detection of roadbed thickness in railroad construction;
  • Detection of tarmac thickness in road construction;
  • Determining the soil structure;
  • Finding construction deviations
  • Amount determinations
  • Mapping the geotechnical condition;
  • Determining the concrete coverage of constructions;
  • Amount determinations

Digitally referenced terrain- and land surveying

During the georeferencing of land and terrain surveys, TerraCarta uses digital capturing. This way, survey results are instantly georeferenced. This saves a significant amount of time and money.

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