Engineering companies

Engineering companies are important clients of TerraCarta. These firms often work for (semi-)governments and hire contractors and specialist companies like TerraCarta to help them. The applications of GPR in order to solve these complex questions are enormous. Often, these engineering firms have several specialist departments that work on the same multidisciplinary project. In a lot of cases, our research is carried out in the research phase, but sometimes an inspection during the actual execution phase is required.


Projects for engineering companies

At TerraCarta, we have a diverse group of highly technically educated project managers, with a strong affinity to engineering companies and contractors. Because of this, these project managers have a good understanding of the needs of these clients, making it easy for them to find solutions for the problems they face.

TerraCarta is regularly hired by engineering companies such as the following:

  • Antea Group;
  • MUG;
  • Sweco.

Questions from engineering companies differ a lot and ask for different applications, such as:

  • Road construction (e.g. tarmac and concrete research);
  • Water construction (e.g. locating HDD pipes when placing sheet piling);
  • Railroad construction (e.g. locating underground utilities and obstacles during railroad renewals);
  • Industry (e.g. locating waste, utilities and obstructions.)

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