Innovative solutions for Gasunie’s hydrogen ambition

In collaboration with the Royal Oosterhof Holman, TerraCarta is undertaking the challenge of mapping out the extensive pipeline network of Gasunie.

Gasunie is set to transport hydrogen through its existing gas pipelines, necessitating various modifications to their current underground pipeline system. A key focus is on replacing existing valves, as the current ones are not suitable for hydrogen transport.

To provide the contractor responsible for installing the hydrogen valves with the right information, Gasunie has tasked TerraCarta with surveying the existing pipeline system.

Typically, these underground pipes are exposed and surveyed, but this approach can be highly disruptive, especially when pipes are buried up to 4 meters deep. TerraCarta employs alternative techniques such as ground-penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetic locating (EML), and water jetting. Our technology accurately maps Gasunie’s pipelines without significant disruption and allows for checking the pipelines of other network operators at Gasunie locations.

If the pipeline locations deviate from the KLIC maps, they are promptly addressed and reported to these network operators in accordance with CROW-500 guidelines.

We have already surveyed about ten of these locations. Lastly, we do not use heavy machinery, significantly reducing the project’s environmental impact. This results in a CO2 reduction of up to 70%.