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The disciplines in which TerraCarta is asked to determine the position of underground utilities are wildly different. As a result, our clients are also different from each other. Therefore, the specific questions they ask us can be diverse, one client could have a specific need for detail, while another client might not need as much detail in a drawing or result. As example, in the designing phase a different level of detail is needed than in the execution phase. Our clients are:

In the designing phase (governments, engineering companies), information must be collected that can give information on the feasibility of the design, while in the execution phase (contractors, utility owners) prevention of excavation damage is the primary goal. During excavations or during construction activities, underground utilities have a high risk of being damaged, which could lead to delays and a significant increase in costs during construction activities. To prevent this, TerraCarta surveys the underground situation and gives an understanding of the situation, exceptions, and so forth. This information is then mapped in detail, so that clients can deal with possible problems and bottlenecks before they become a problem during operations. Our unique way of working ensures that our work always fits perfectly in your project.

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