A professional and trustworthy concrete investigation

When surveying concrete, it is not just a matter of the right measuring technology, deeper knowledge and experience in civil constructions are also needed. TerraCarta, as a specialist, has mapped many (reinforced) concrete objects and civil engineering structures, like:

  • Bridges;
  • Tunnels;
  • Buildings;
  • Foundations.

TerraCarta is the right partner for a professional and trustworthy concrete research.

What is being inspected during concrete research?

A (conventional) visual inspection is often not enough to carefully inspect concrete. TerraCarta has several detection techniques in order precisely survey the concrete in detail. The concrete coverage and quality is mapped, just like possible reinforcements and corrosion.


Why TerraCarta?

A clear report and a fitting advice will make sure the entire situation is clear, concerning potential preventive measures that must to be taken. TerraCarta uses several techniques and equipment in order to give a complete picture.

The survey is almost entirely non-destructive and non-intrusive. This means that as little damage as possible is done to existing concrete constructions. The acquired data can be used for different inspections. Information can be given about the chloride levels as well as the reinforcement coverage in the same sample. The data can be processed to maps or spot maps.

Curious what TerraCarta can do for you?

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