Types of service

TerraCarta has a professional, experienced and specialised workforce. All of our services are fully customizable to fit our client’s needs. A fitting form of service will be chosen based on the size, time and complexity of the survey. Another option is to enter a framework contract with us, in which execution processes and conditions will be captured beforehand. Below you will find an overview of the various types of services that we offer.

Project-by-project basis

Projects are characterised by their tendency to have time and money budgets and the fact that they take place once. Everything is sorted out before the actual execution of our services, from having a clear call for tender and having formulated what our actual activities will entail. TerraCarta offers its services in two ways:

  • Fixed pricing. TerraCarta will make an estimation of the work we need to do and then present it to our client, so we can start our work activities afterwards.
  • Cost-plus basis: If work activitities are hard to predict before the actual execution, TerraCarta may offer its services on a cost-plus basis. The cost will be calculated afterwards on a certain timescale (hour or day basis). If the client wants to have a maximum price which cannot be exceeded, then that can also be incorporated. TerraCarta will then adjust its activities in order to fit the budget, keeping the nature of the work in mind.

Framework agreement and orders

When a client has multiple, similar projects and wants to send more similar projects over to us in the future, TerraCarta has the ability to form a contract based on a framework agreement. Arrangements can be made concerning the supply- and purchase obligations, execution processes and other conditions in order to ensure a qualitative product that is tailored to the needs of the client. This way, the specific question is clear right from the get-go, and we can start processing information in a very efficient manner, at a reduced price. Other costs, e.g. costs for designing the arrangements will be settled once for each framework.


Our employees offer an extensive range of activities and are deployable in a multitude of fields. They can function as a draftsman, an operator in the field or they can be deployed for project management. Because of this, it can be very efficient to have one or multiple selected employees from TerraCarta to execute combined tasks, if a client has an extended period of time in which a lot of these activities need to be done. In this case, having a member of TerraCarta’s staff commit to a secondment for a certain period (month, quarter, half-year) is a good option. These staff members can be hired either with or without equipment.