HDD pipes

TerraCarta has developed an unique system in order to locate and map pipes placed through horizontal directional drilling (HDD) as well as underwater cables. Not just the actual technical steps we take, but also communicating with utility owners, capturing evidence and an insurance that aligns with the risks involved have been developed throughout the years, to ensure that we can locate HDD pipes efficiently and systematically.

For example, during dredging activities or applying sheet piling, it is of the utmost importance to know the exact positions of HDD pipes and underwater cables.

If an HDD is planned, it is also important to map the utilities that cross the path of drilling. It would not be the first time damage to utilities caused by directional drilling resulted in an outage. Of course, this must be prevented. Throughout the years, TerraCarta has built up a lot of experience through locating and surveying HDD pipes. Our clients for these are the biggest utility owners and water construction contractors in the Netherlands.

ProRail, VolkerWessels, Hakkers, Beensgroep, Joulz, Ziggo, Stedin, Waternet and KPN.


Locating using detection

Through the use of our detection techniques, we capture the position of utilities. Based on the results of the detection survey, a HDD pipe can be localized with reasonable accuracy. The biggest problem is the exact positioning due to the depths that some of these drillings reach. TerraCarta has a solution for this. In our mapping procedures we have included elements that verify our detection work. This is done based on existing maps, by digging (trenches), through the use of a soil probe or our custom water jets.

Water jets

TerraCarta has developed a water jet system with which the position of HDD pipes can be checked with ease, even when these are located fairly deep. This water jet is fueled by a high pressure water pump. This pump is connected to a hose, which is then connected to steel tubes which can be incrementally lengthened (1-2 meters). This jet then blasts water into the ground, in order to put the steel tubes in the ground and manually locate the position of HDD pipes. Depths of up to 25 meters have been surveyed by us using this technique.

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