A lot of our projects come from contractors. These contractors often execute activities for (semi) governments and engineering firms. It is a regular occurance that these contractors have to deal with unexpected obstacles or utilities. This can cause damage or delays, resulting in a significant increase of costs.


Projects for contractors

At TerraCarta, we have a high amount of highly, technically educated project managers, who have a background at engineering firms or contractors. Because of this, our project managers know the precise needs for a project from such companies and are able to find a quicker and better solution.

TerraCarta regularly works with some of the bigger Dutch contractors, joint ventures, or combinations of contractors.

The problems these contractors face are fairly different most of the time and have different uses too, for example:

  • Road construction (e.g. locating underground utilities, in order to place underground waste disposals or do road reconstructions);
  • Water construction(e.g. locating HDD pipes before placing sheet piling and dredging activities);
  • Railroad construction (e.g locating utilities and obstacles during railroad renewals, roadbed testing).

In recent years, TerraCarta has proven to be the most trustworthy partner for locating and mapping the underground infrastructure.

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