About us

TerraCarta was founded in 2008. Since then, it has grown into a company specialized in surveying and mapping the underground infrastructure. With over 30 staff members. we are currently a leading, innovative organization within the field of cable detection and locating. Our focus is as follows:

  • Mapping the underground infrastructure and subterranean situations, both in soil as well as underwater. This can be underground utilities, but also HDD pipes or even the subterranean housing of animals such as moles or beavers.
  • Mapping soil, ice thickness or for example flooding due to excavation damage on a water pipe.
  • Committing to an independent investigation. In the occurrence of excavation damage we can determine the actual location of the underground infrastructure.

Working in a diverse set of disciplines

Due to the nature of our work, we are involved in a very diverse set of disiplines. This leads to TerraCarta having a wide variety of projects for a wide variety of clients.

Utility owners reach out to us for investigations into the positioning of their existing network, made up of underground utilities. Governments, like municipalities, regional water authorities but also private organisations are increasingly interested in our underground locating services, whether it is preceding the building of a new neighborhood, a renovation or if they need an accurate drawing of their networks. Railroad companies also reach out to us to locate underground utilities and obstacles when they want to repair or renovate parts of the railroad, but also to know what the situation is under their train platforms. Civil contractors may ask us to map HDD pipes if, for example, they want to place sheet pilings somewhere.

With this valuable asset information there will be no stagnation, and excavation damage will be kept to a minimum. Because of this, the client will not waste any time or money.


How do we do our work?

We have a standard process in order to reproduce the underground or underwater situation: survey, map, compare and verify. Surveying is mostly done using non-intrusive equipment like GPR, EML and GPS with additional trench digging wherever needed.

We also have soil probes and (custom) water jets available, in order to, for example, follow non-metallic (non-conductive) utilities or for when the terrain does not allow for the usage of our digital surveying equipment. This data will then be processed into a three-dimensional drawing afterwards.


We offer our services in fixed prices or using hourly rates. We have the needed expertise and experience for any project ranging from small local jobs to big international projects.

Examples of these are:

  • Mapping hundreds of kilometers of pressure lines for regional water authorities;
  • A countrywide survey of ProRail-owned underground utilities;
  • Surveying the areas that will house big data centers;
  • Surveying of fields that will be filled with solar panels;
  • Covering an entire area: public lighting or pressure lines for Dutch provinces and municipalities based on meter prices.

Whenever work activities are hard to estimate or when certain similar activities need to be done repeatedly, TerraCarta can arrange different contract types. As an example, we have framework contracts and partnerships with big Dutch parties like Ziggo, Antea, Arcadis, Sweco, ProRail and KPN.


Because of the fact that our company is very unique and is also continuously changing and innovating, we train our staff ourselves. Due to this, Social Return On Investment (SROI) became an important part of our company.