TerraCarta offers several specials among our wide variety of services: examples are determining concrete layers, finding underground bunkers or locating lost tanks. A combination of our geophysical detection techniques can be used for this.

Work fields

TerraCarta has a wide range of detection methods. We are employed in a diverse range of workfields. For example, we investigate the soil for projects in railroad, water and road construction, but also for archaeological excavations. When mapping pollution, soil deviations and an range of (concrete) constructions in a variety of work fields, our experience and expertise makes the difference in every project.


Detecting pollution in the soil of the industrial sector is an important and delicate matter. Using TerraCarta’s detection methods, GPR can be combined with environmental drilling in order to map pollution. In combination with soil layer detection it is possible to determine, for example, how pollution influences soil layers, pipes or other subsurface objects.

Soil deviations

A soil deviation can be a clue of an object existing underground, like a cable, pipe or sewer systems. Hollow spaces, sagging or excavation can also have consequences for the soil when cosntructing a road or while maintaining railroads. TerraCarta maps soil deviations, like clusters of debris, fillings, accumulation layers and hollow spaces for a wide range of sectors.


Concrete constructions

TerraCarta also surveys concrete constructions through GPR. By digitally capturing, construction research can be done efficiently, also on bigger scales. Examples are detecting construction deviations, hollow spaces and reinforcement rods, measuring the concrete layer and the problem of concrete floor bulging.


Our specials

Besides mapping utilities, TerraCarta is specialised in:

  • Tarmac research
  • Roadbed research
  • Environmental research
  • Obstacle research
  • Geological research
  • Water soil research
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO) research
  • Concrete research

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