Utility owners

TerraCarta often gets offers from a wide range of utility owners. These utility owners are responsible for the existing drawings of the locations of their utilities inside of their managing area. To help with these issues, specialist companies like TerraCarta step in to locate and map these utilities. By working together with the utility owner, we choose the best techniques for the job to provide high quality data, in order to correctly map the utilities.


Working for utility owners

The applications of GPR and additional techniques for these complex questions are enormous. In many cases, the research is done in order to accommodate to Dutch regulations. Other times the precise location of utilities may be unknown in case of intended digging works. In that case research is also necessary.

TerraCarta works for some of the largest utility owners in the Netherlands.

  • Enexis;
  • Evides;
  • KPN (Telecom);
  • Rendo;
  • Stedin;
  • Waternet;
  • Ziggo;
  • And others.

Besides the fact that TerraCarta works on a project basis, we also have framework agreements with a few utility owners. These framework contracts are aimed at preventing digging damage and correcting location data when a utility has been found to deviate from the theoretical position.

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