Projects realised by TerraCarta

TerraCarta executes projects within a diverse set of market segments: Our clients are (semi-)governments, engineering firms, (railroad) contractors, utility owners and water/road constructors. As a result, TerraCarta has proven to have the knowledge and experience needed within these sectors.

Preventing stagnation in your project

When you initiate a construction project for the building of new houses, renovations or reconstructions, it is important that you know what the underground situation looks like in the places where building and digging activities have been planned. In such circumstances TerraCarta can map the entire underground infrastructure, so that the client will know exactly where utilities are located. This way it is possible to plan a way around them without damaging anything during building and digging activities. Through our survey, bottlenecks that might stagnate a project or increase the difficulty get mapped in time. This makes it possible to implement adjustments, in order to minimise any unforeseen costs.


Diverse range of projects, diverse range of applications

TerraCarta applies its expertise to all parties in the excavation sector. This is done through underground utility detection, obstacle investigation, researching layer thickness and locating controlled drillings.

These are some of our clients for whom projects have been realised by TerraCarta:

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Utility surveying is of great importance in most projects. TerraCarta does this by using techniques like GPR and EML. Especially where no or a limited amount of information about the underground situation is available, doing a utility survey is important. Whether sheet piling is going to be placed concrete being drilled, it’s essential that no utilities get damaged because these works. Do you want to have an area investigated for utilities for your project?

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