Important clients for TerraCarta are the (semi) governments. These (semi) governments carry out orders in their own management area and they often ask for help from specialists like TerraCarta. Sometimes an engineering firm or contractor acts as the client in the name of the local government, but TerraCarta gets most of the jobs directly from the respective party.


Clients of multi-disciplinary projects

The many uses of GPR and additional techniques in these complex questions are enormous. In many cases, a survey is done during the research phase, but sometimes an inspection or survey during activities is needed. TerraCarta has a diverse cast of highly, technically schooled project managers who have affinity with (semi) governments. Because of this, they can relate to the problems these clients may have and come to a solution in a quick and efficient manner.

TerraCarta has worked for Dutch counties, governmental real estate companies, government rail companies, province governments and water authorities.

  • Civil (e.g. locating sewerages, mapping utilities in places that will be subject to underground construction)
  • Water construction (e.g. locating controlled diggings and underwater pipes when applying sheet pilings or locating beaver holes in dams.)
  • Railroad construction (e.g. locating utilities and obstacles in railroad renewal projects and mapping engineered structures near railroads.)

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