Locating and mapping utilities

Detection, data-interpretation, mapping, comparison and verification: those are the basic steps we go through to map unknown situations underground or underwater. With a team of over 30 employees we have access to many years of knowledge and experience on locating utilities and mapping the underground.


Underground infrastructure known during construction and excavation activities

In the preparation phase of construction or excavation activities it is very important to have a clear view of the locations of possible underground utilities. An important goal of this is to prevent excavation damage. A damaged cable or pipeline does not just cause delays, it is also an unforeseen money sink and a cause of nuisance for the area. TerraCarta is specialised in the detection of utilities to prevent excavation damage.

Digital capturing

All our collected data is digitally captured. the found utilities such as cables, pipelines, sewer pipes and possible objects are gathered into detailed underground maps that can be used for multitude of situations, including:

  • Inspecting the existing underground maps;
  • Mapping unknown underground situations;
  • Registering cables;
  • Excavation damage prevention

We execute our investigations through the use of advanced techniques and detection equipment, like GPR and EML possibly combined with trench digging. We use these methods to scan the soil for utilities without disturbance for the surrounding area.

With this, we can map the underground infrastructure, as well as correct existing maps. If there are big deviations or entirely unknown situations, the maps get adjusted accordingly, which is an obligation by Dutch regulations.


TerraCarta has proven to be a trustworthy partner in locating and registering underground utilities in a diverse range of fields.

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