TerraCarta as a Preferred Supplier for KPN!

Together with KPN (Royal Dutch Telecom), TerraCarta started a pilot project in 2018 to investigate “deviating locations” in the form of, for example, directional drilling and culverts.

The reporting of a “deviating location” should lead to an increasingly better registration of our underground cables and pipes with network operators. After all, it is only when it becomes known of any deviations that they can be corrected. In practice, it turned out that, at the time, the network operators were not sufficiently equipped for this. Therefore, the response from the contracting industry was mainly, “nothing will be done about it anyway”, “it takes too much time, who is going to pay for it”, “I have not received any response from my previous report”, “it will be done incorrectly anyway”…

Our pilot shows that acting proactively saves a lot of costs, prevents damages and saves time. In fact, where necessary, KPN takes the initiative to obtain the right data in advance. This in turn results in faster decision-making and faster realisation of civil constructions. Detecting sinkholes and directional drilling and then recording it digitally is highly specialised work. The success of the pilot, its specialised nature and its positive effect on social interest had led to a “Preferred Suppliership” between TerraCarta and KPN.