TerraCarta 12.5 year anniversary!!


It is the year 2008. Together, Karel Meinen & Richard Bakker start running their own company: TerraCarta. Besides Richard and Karel, Harrie Benjamins also starts from day one to ensure order and regularity within this team. It is also the beginning of the credit crisis and a new law has been approved: the WION. The WION, since 2018 WIBON introduces new rules for cables and pipes. Richard and Karel are good at tracking cables and think that this offers a unique opportunity for TerraCarta. And what a good idea it was, despite the crisis!


In the meantime, after 12.5 years, the company has grown into an organisation of nearly 50 employees. In those 12.5 years, TerraCarta has gained so much experience that other companies in the Netherlands cannot possibly match.

  • Three quarters of all railways in the Netherlands have been surveyed during this period,
  • More than 1,500 kilometres of pressure pipes have been mapped,
  • 5,000 sinkers and directional drillings have been corrected on drawings,
  • 5 million square metres of solar parks have been mapped,
  • And the list goes on!


TerraCarta has also set a quality standard for cable and pipeline tracking that is virtually unrivalled. Furthermore, the number of innovations and solutions that TerraCarta has developed over time is beyond comparison. From day one, creative solutions had to be sought to respond to client’s requests. A few striking examples are:

  • A rail-welding van converted into a rail-measuring van,
  • Guaranteed detection of steered drillings up to a depth of 20 metres,
  • Online solution for interpreting ground radar data,
  • 3D information retrieval ‘simply’ with a mobile phone.


Creativity, innovation and perseverance are characteristics that Karel and Richard have brought to the company and have placed it in a special position in the market. We owe our success in becoming a mature company with nearly 50 employees and all its daily processes to the expertise and contribution of the TerraCarta team. Looking at where we stand today, and the client portfolio we now have such as KPN, SHELL, Deutsche Bahn, ProRail and many other big names, we know one thing for sure..


It does not stop here; we’ll go full speed ahead to the 25th anniversary!