Optical fibre installation without excavation damage!


TerraCarta is working together with KPN, van Gelder, VWT & Mapxact on a research study on the prevention of damage from excavation. In the run-up to the large-scale roll-out of optical fibres, various initiatives have already been implemented and tested in order to reduce excavation damage.


Initiatives with techniques during the implementation phase, such as Augmented Reality, Ground Penetrating Radar and Test Trenches, offer some potential, however, despite the additional information that is obtained through such techniques, excavation damage still occurs. KPN believes that there is still too much damage. As a result, we are now also considering other parts of the process ‘from initiative to installation.


TerraCarta has been asked by KPN to investigate preventive measures during the entire construction process. We take into account information transfer, use of information, data completeness, regulations (WIBON, CROW 500) and technical options. This has already provided us with new insights and ideas to help us facilitate various processes.  Sometimes, with a fresh pair of eyes, you can use quite simple measures to make a difference.


A good example of simplicity is the mapping of existing telecom cables in advance (even before the design). After all, the existing telecom bed is the place to lay the optical fibre cables and by mapping the existing telecom networks, the design line is immediately created and deviations become visible and can be directly anticipated. This is how technology, design and damage prevention are brought together in 1 operation!


We are proud that we can participate in this. Up to next years “free of damage” in the telecom industry.