Underground Imaging 3D-AR-AI

TerraCarta is very proud of working with SHELL on Underground Imaging (UGI). This is an online environment for conducting a 3D detection study of cables and pipes (utility mapping).Initially, a uniform method was created to quickly and efficiently collect data using detection techniques. For now these are Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electro Magnetic Locating (EML), but we are also developing acoustics and gradiometrics. The collected detection-data are confirmed with existing drawings, manhole inspections, excavation or vacuuming. This increases the reliability of the dataset enormously. We have already collected a tremendous amount of data in this way so that we can predict what we will find underground with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Interpreting the data results in a 3D environment that we unlock on a cell phone with Augmented Reality (AR). This allows you to anticipate directly in the field to the location of the cables and pipes detected by us. At the same time, the contractor can capture the AS-Build data with the same phone and so we have optimal control over the entire chain from initiative to result.