Trench digging

While TerraCarta has a big amount of detection techniques at its disposal, the applications of digging a trench are wide. These trenches are mostly dug manually, but if the trench lengths are big TerraCarta uses mechanical excavation. The goal of these trenches is often a verification of the survey, or an identification of the surveyed utilities. All of our survey teams are equipped with sufficient digging equipment. After the survey, all dug trenches will be closed again, as well as the pavement being restored to original state.


Trenches also surveyed

When we dig trenches, everything is carefully registered. Besides that, we can make adjustments to the trench after using detection equipment, such as:

  • Extending the trench because we detected something further ahead;
  • Finding a new spot for a trench after consulting with our office because the bundle has been found somewhere else;
  • Making the trench smaller because there is nothing there except what was already found;
  • Within the trench, placing an EML signal on utilities so we can momentarily follow them for 100 meters.

Lastly, we take photos of the entire situation such as the position and contents of the trench. Elements such as contents, trench length etc. are then surveyed digitally using land surveying methods.

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