Land surveying

Land surveying is inseparable from our services. Basically everything we find is also surveyed. This is not limited to utilities, we also survey above ground objects like:

  • Above ground utilities
  • Trees
  • Containers
  • Fencing
  • Manholes
  • Street lanterns
  • Storm drains

In summary, everything visible on surface level within the project area is surveyed and mapped.


Everything is surveyed using GPS

When a pipe is located, the points that are found using detection equipment are also digitally captured using land surveying. This is possible by marking a specific cable on surface level, where we can then use land surveying equipment to survey these markings. But also the start and end of the lines we make with GPR are surveyed in order to use our own processing program, which allows us to efficiently interpret the data, where all of our data is accurately displayed on the corresponding coordinates.

Surveying trenches

When we dig trenches, everything is carefully registered. Besides that, we can make adjustments to the trench after using detection equipment, such as:

  • Extending the trench because we detected something further ahead;
  • Finding a new spot for a trench after consulting with our office because the bundle has been found somewhere else;
  • Making the trench smaller because there is nothing there except what was already found;
  • Within the trench, placing an EML signal on utilities so we can momentarily follow them for 100 meters.

Lastly, we take photos of the entire situation such as the position and contents of the trench. Elements such as contents, trench length etc. are then surveyed digitally using land surveying methods.

Never stop innovating

Our equipment is designed in such a way that all of our measurements’ position data is registered. Our EML equipment can be coupled with a GPS, so that all the parameters of a detection (depth, accuracy, etc.) combined with the actual position can be saved with the press of a button. Additions like these have been developed by us in order to work more efficient, more precise and more reliable.

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