Obstacle investigation at construction or renovation project

Underground obstacles can pose serious consequences at the start of construction projects or renovation projects. Foundation remains, debris clusters, pillar clusters, barrels, underground tanks but also underground utilities can severely limit excavation activities. Obstacle research can prevent delays or even damage during excavations which saves time and money.

Essential preparation

The planning and execution of a construction- or renovation project stands or falls with the preparation of it. An obstacle and utility investigation, in this framework, is essential for the final result. When mechanical excavation is involved, Dutch regulations make research a mandatory requirement before excavating commences. By scanning the location beforehand, any deviations and obstacles can be anticipated on.


Obstacle research in combination with other techniques

An obstacle investigation is often done in combination with other detection techniques provided by TerraCarta. This way, multiple issues can be tackled at once. This could be location studies, like an investigation into possible soil pollution, utility detection or localizing archaeological objects. TerraCarta uses geophysical techniques in order to deliver a high quality obstacle investigation. Often multiple methods are combined with potentail trench digging to confirm results.

UXO research

UXOs (Unexploded Ordnances) can be found underground. In complex situations the possibility exists that using metal detection is not enough to detect these dangerous hazards. TerraCarta can apply GPR in these situations as a solution. Coupled with a certified explosive detection company we can eventually clear the area of UXOs and then the planned proceedings can be executed safely.

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